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Samuel J. Tilden High School Auditorium Murals

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The Story of Tilden’s Murals

The project took several months as muralists Abraham Lishinsky, Irving A. Block, and Abraham Lerner designed and painted a 2,400 square foot mural depicting “Major Influences in Civilization” for the auditorium. Our own Harry Klaff, retired Tilden history teacher, and editor of the Alumni News adds: “I always took my history classes into the auditorium when we did the New Deal. I got the whole history of those murals, courtesy of Jerry Last (late Tilden art teacher), who knew Lishinsky from East Flatbush. Lishinsky studied mural art in Mexico and was influenced by Diego Rivera. He got the Tilden job after submitting a few drawings to the WPA. “When he finished in 1938, the WPA came down to inspect. At that point, they accused him of being a Communist. To the right of the stage is a large mural showing workers with sickles, and on another, there’s a hammer that looks like it was traced off the Soviet flag (see left photo). On the top, near the ceiling, is a star.”




Abraham Lishinsky