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Schechterman, Sydney

Grad 1956

Cherrelle Russell

Graduated 2007

Tanese Talbert

2001 Graduate,track team member with coach Mason, and Mr. Corbin.

eborah Denberg Rodriguez

Both of my parents went to Tilden in the 1930's. my mother, Pauline Yablonsky, would have graduated in 1936. My father, Max Denberg, had to drop out to help support his family. They have been gone for many years but I am so glad I found your website,

Marty Solomon

I graduated in 1953,...I know I am "old" but I am looking for some friends from the Gym Leaders from the period.Thanks to Paul Rosenfeld who reminded me of Mr. Berman who also stimulated my interest in the sciences.A thank you also to Jerry Trager for the memory of Cozy Corner. Can I start all over,learning from my mistakes and to be able to look into the mirror to see that "most cheerfull"face???/Marty

Sid Garai

Graduated 1969 - seems like yesterday. I often tell people about the great teachers and classmates I had at Tilden. It was a fun and innocent time in our lives which gave us nice memories to look back on so many years later. Will also never forget as a senior having swim class first period in the winter and having to race to speech class next period at the opposite side of the building on the top floor. Was never late!

Paul Rosenfeld

I am a Jan. '52 grad, living in New Orleans. I'd be happy to hear from old friends. Does anyone remember Mr.Berman, a biology teacher? He really stimulated my interest in science and research.

Sascherie Walker



Martin Leventhal

Graduated in February 1954.My sisters gave me as a Graduation Gift a Ronson Cigarette Case and Lighter.Who could imagine such a gift today?::M

Carol Radsprecher

I graduated in June of 1965. I still live in Brooklyn (Heights). I'm a painter (pictures, not walls) and Photoshop printmaker. Have a longtime partner (Bernard, a Jefferson grad). If anyone knows a Bonnie Rubin who graduated from Tilden in '65, please let me know. Thanks!

Deborah Horwitz Alper

I graduated from Tilden High School in 1967. Would love to hear from some old friends: Robyn Cowan, Anne Zylberstein, Susan Schrager, Mae Banschick, Linda Shapiro to name just a few. Would love to catch up.

Paul Irgang

1963 GRAD ::::Captain of swim team

Mary Ellen McGlenn

1963, 1964 student. Debate. Moved middle of 64 but fond memories.

Rick Greenspan

'67 ... Greetings to any of you 1964-67 who remember me and those days in Brooklyn.

Jonathan Woodley

Sad to announce the passing of Tilden Alumni Eion Saunders class of 83' here

Steve Schlossberg

Graduated in 1960.Most of my friends were from Wingate due to the fact I lived on the border line.::Went to Somers 252.

Alvin Handin

Graduated January 1938:: Looking for Muriel Finkelstein{maiden name]next to my picture in year book


Looking for Fran Zarbo,class of '59

Maria Guerrero


CeCe Isaacs Sloan

Graduated 1951 - Graduation held in a moviehouse in Flatbush, as there was a teacher's strike at Tilden....

Jeffrey Coven


Murray Zedeck

class of 1954

Helen Kaplan

Julius Kavanowitz

I am Julius Kavanowitz's daughter... Christmas is coming and I would love to put together an album of his swimming accomplishments... Sadly when My Grandmother passed away, all his awards and metals were lost... it would mean the world to him to have any newspaper clippings, pictures.. anything I can print and put in an album for him to have... please if you have anything I can use, please email it to me at Thank you all so much for any help you can give.....

Sybil Porter

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Marty Cohen

Graduated in 1967.Living in Gilbert,Az.Looking for anyone from Tilden or Brownsville.

Marty Solomon

1953 student

Myrna Rattner Stern


Looking for S. J. Tilden '55 grads - also anyone from Brownsville::::Myrna Rattner Stern

Tony Vino

1963 old friends please contact me via email.

sg furgang

class of 1954. looking for myrna friedman e88th st. near the school.

Howard Schwartz


It's nice to see such a resource here...I looked up some of my relatives who attended as well as classmates I recall who attended Meyer Levin JHS. I moved away but would have graduated Tilden in '73.

Marcia Feinberg

Hello to the class of 1969:: Just was thinking of Tilden High School and my fellow graduates...

Faye Ann Novick

1966 in january ...went to class with barbara streisands cousin phillis parker barbara lived with phyllis all her life on caryle pl. across from school 185 all my sister much older than i attend tilden too..roberta novick..irma novick..diane novick

Lineley Charles

class of 2010 Tlden Rock!!!!!!

Carl Zwerling

Graduated in 1955. Living in Port St. Lucie, FL. Retired for the third time in 2010. Sorry to hear about the wrecking of our alma mater.

Sherry Schreibman

Grad in'57. Was involved in yearbook and SING.

Sherry Schreibman

Grad. in '57- Now live in CA.

Robert Lederman


I graduated in 69

Marcie Moore Marshall

graduated 1980. never realized until now how much I loved and appreciated my high school years :)




Monique Harrell

HI I am so glad that this is up. I have been looking for my old teachers and friends at Tilden. I cried when I heard it was closed, but the memories stayed with me. I worked in Mr. Kerner's office and with Mrs. Rosen and Mrs. Klien. I would help with the mail and do the delivery of the newspapers. I miss them all I hope that I can make it to the next reunion. Please Mrs.Rosen if you are on here on a regular bases please email me and Mr.Kerner too::Monique Harrell::Co-op ::earthdragon72 @gmail .com :: Facebook please use the above address to search for me!!!::

Morris Gutman

grad ofv 51

Enid Michaelson Cook

Anthony Mirasola

1956 football coach,Bernie Mars..great coach and friend

Mitch Ratisher

would love to attend the reunion, cept i moved to fla in 73 and graduated (or not).

Corine Sawyer

Reference: Retirement Party May 2011

I moved to Ga , miss everyone , hope to see you all soon cannot stop thinking about how much love was shown to me. Would like to to take this time to say thank so much ::, and will alway remember the good times. Ms. S you are unforgetable, Matty, Bob Love You.:: :: THANK YOU, THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE ONE OF YOU.

Ralph Eiseman

Class of 1968

Harvey Adler

Class of 1966. Great memories of good times and good friends!

Linda Rosen

Staff from 1967-1973 and 1980-1992. Alternate Week Cooperative Education Coordinator from 1984-1992. Remember fondly so many students and staff members.

Annette Kleiman Levinson

Would like to hear from other January '68 grads





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Eric Simonsen

Class of 1970

Howard Gordon

Class of 69. Sad to learn that Tilden is no more. Great memories from turbulent years.

Amalio Barragan

I had a blast at tilden high school I got to meet great people we had the best soccer team ever thanks for all the great memories

Myra Basoff

January 1947 Student

Myrna Rattner Stern

Would like to hear from old friends in Brownsville Brooklyn who attended S. J. Tilden - I am a 1955 graduate - I lived on Bristol Street between Lott and Hegeman.

Gary Levy

1963 graduate seems like yesterday, but incredably 50 years have somehow flew by. It was good times, never to be replaced

Thelma (Rokofsky) Ramm

June '56 grad::Booster::SING '54 '55 '56::

Joel Rosenfeld

Graduated in June1954. Bad grades.. Presently, I am a Professor in the NYU grad school....Wow would my guidance counselor be shocked . love to hear from the old gang

Nerina Khan

Class of 1992

Doris Cooper

I was a member of the Class of 1983. I was saddened to hear that Tilden as we have known it has become non existant. I entered Tilden H.S as a shy introverted girl and came out as a woman. The quality of education that i received at this fine institution of learning is what helped me to pursue my studies in Criminal Justice. I was fortunate to have been taught by some great teachers such as Dr Largmann, Mr Jackson. Ms Skolnick, Mr Leventhal and Maxine Jones, Mr Statesman, just to name a few. Tilden will forever reign in my heart and I am so proud to have been a student. Mr Everett Kerner was principal during my years at Tilden H.S and he was such a humble and kind man and I will not forget him either. THANKS !!!




Elaine Logan

I attended Samuel J. Tilden H.S. in 1968. My favorite memories of the school will always be my great friendships.

Gloria Waldman Fischer

Graduated in 1955 and would love to hear from former classmates.

Naomi Shulman Novak

Graduated in January, 1955. Would like to hear from other grads of same time.

Rolf Adams

I graduated in June 1961. I had a great three years at Tilden. I considered myself to be on the shy side. Became more outgoing after graduating. Still, 1958-1961, three of the best years of my life.

Gabriele Rieper Fusee

Graduated in January of 1968. Now live hundreds of miles away. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.::::Sorry to hear of Tilden's closing. Have many fond memories of my years there.

Edith Honig


Kenneth Gregory

Student class of 95. Captain of handball team all 4 years. Brought Tilden it's only iron horse championship in 95. Was very sad to hear of it's closing.

Annette Benigno Campsall


Graduated in 1967. Would like to contact some old friends.

Jeff Greenberg



Ralph Eiseman

Would love to hear from others in the Class of 1968.

Harvey Kahaner

Graduated class of 1955. Would like to hear from my classmates.

Steven M Kaplan

Jan 1969, Student, Tilden Sing '67, '68'69

Alicia Walton

1987.,Year of Graduation

Lynn Jacobs Gorse

class of'64 been reaching out to fellow grads and chatting with one. Waiting for others to reply